Enter the river from the jungle, away from tourists and crowds, and experience this rich and vital ecosystem. Our guides will take you downstream past giant trees, water vines, and blooming bromelias where you’ll catch a glimpse of exotic inhabitants, including monkeys, white herons, fresh water dolphins, and more.


Hidden from view, you’ll be transported to an unspoiled paradise of white sand beaches, cool caves, and tiny rock gardens ready to explore. Paddle through reefs filled with sea life, then let the wind take you back to the cove where your guides will meet you with a local treat of fresh mango and coconuts.



Get to know a special place in the world on our Reef tour. We have exclusive access to this little known area, where the reef is preserved in its natural state.  Experience a rare ecosystem that is rich with sea life, including unique coral, fascinating fish, mollusks, and crustaceans that thrive in the warm waters.


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